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Teakwood Enterprises, Inc, founded in 1987 by Trent Taliaferro,  has primarily been a design-build construction firm.  Some years ago, his son, Stephen Taliaferro joined the business and took over the design-build side from his dad, http://teakwoodinc.com/. That’s when Trent started Teakwood Solar. It has become one of the go to solar companies in VA.

Trent  has the knowledge and experience to design the right solar energy system for your property. With energy efficiency becoming a primary focus of people nationwide, Solar has become very popular and very cost effective. Who wouldn’t want free electricity? We get the solar energy from the sun for free every day.

Solar Energy systems have now become very cost effective.  When you purchase a solar energy system from Teakwood Solar, Trent will come to your property and make a site assessment to provide the perfect solar energy system for you. Once installed your system will be connected to “the grid”. Your system will generate electricity which you can “sell” back to your power company during peak sunlight. “Net Zero” energy is when you produce all the energy you use from the sun, not “the grid”. Thus, giving you a “Net Zero” electric bill.

The Federal government currently provides homeowners a direct tax credit of 30% for qualified “Alternative Energy Systems”. Your solar Energy system will be one of those qualified systems.  This money is for you to keep instead of sending it to “Uncle Sam”.  This tax credit expires in 2019.

In the meantime, give Teakwood Enterprises a call today and ask for a quote for your solar energy system.  All we need is a monthly average of your electricity bills for the last year. You can find that on your electric bill or add the last 12 months bills together and divide by 12 to get your average bill.

Office location

Address: 3351 Shannon Park Dr, Fredericksburg, VA 22408
Phone: (540)-623-8804

Email: Info@teakwoodsolar.com

Saturday-By appointment only