Site Assessment


Step 1

A  preliminary  search of your residence will be done via satellite to ensure the most accurate estimate of your power generating needs to get you down to Net Zero or as close as possible. Using your Utility provider and your average monthly electric cost.  We will then conduct an onsite visit to apply the real world to our design.

Design + Engineering

80 F HR

Step 2

We will then design and engineer the information gathered in the field and optimize the very best system for your home.

Permit + Net Meter Application

Step 3

We’ll submit all necessary documentation to your municipality and local utility to obtain a permit and ensure a timely net meter install.


PV Install

Step 4

We will come out and install your system.

photo for truck.jpg

Energy Efficiency

Step 5

We will walk you through ownership of your new system as well as talk to you about some energy upgrade packages



Step 6

Our team will meet with an inspector in your jurisdiction to confirm that installation is up to the National Electric Code.


Net Meter Install

Step 7

The utility company replaces your existing meter to guarantee that you receive credit for every watt of energy your system produces.



Step 8

Flip the switch and start saving! Go ahead and do a happy dance. We won’t judge.


Operation & Monitoring

Step 9

Our 24/7 remote monitoring ensures your system is always running optimally.

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